Mumbai, Maharashtra
Truck Types Owned
Body Container- 15ton- 20Feet, Body Container- 15ton- 24Feet, Body Container- 7ton- 24Feet, Body Container- 7ton- 28Feet, Body Container- 7ton- 32Feet, Body Container-14tons-32Feet, Tempo/LCV up to 7 tons 17Feet, Tempo/LCV- up to 7 tons- 19Feet, Tempo/LCV-up to 7 tons -14Feet, Tempo/LCV-up to 7 tons-20Feet, Trailer -High Bed- 22ton-40Feet, Trailer -High Bed- 23ton-40Feet, Trailer -High Bed- 24ton-40Feet, Trailer -High Bed- 26ton- 40Feet, Trailer -High Bed- 27ton- 20Feet, Trailer -High Bed- 27ton- 40Feet, Trailer -High Bed- 28ton- 40Feet, Trailer -High Bed-23ton-20Feet, Trailer -High Bed-25ton-20Feet, Trailer -Semi Bed- 20ton- 40Feet, Trailer -Semi Bed- 22ton- 40Feet, Trailer -Semi Bed- 23ton- 40Feet, Trailer -Semi Bed- 24ton- 40Feet, Trailer -Semi Bed- 25ton- 40Feet, Trailer -Semi Bed- 27ton- 40Feet, Trailer- High Bed -26ton- 20Feet, Trailer- High Bed- 20ton- 40Feet, Trailer- High Bed- 25ton- 40Feet, Trailer- High Bed-20ton-20Feet, Trailer- High Bed-22ton-20Feet, Trailer- High Bed-24ton-20Feet, Trailer- Semi Bed- 26ton- 40Feet, Truck -9ton -17 to 18 Feet, Truck- 21ton- 24Feet, Truck-16ton-21-22Feet
About the Company

Inland World Logistics (formerly, Inland Road Transport) is the flagship company and core strength of Inland Group. Founded in 1989, headquartered in Calcutta, the company started operations with transportation of consignments in eastern and north eastern region in India. Offering point to poi...

Load History
Hawkins requires 15 vehicles from Bhiwandi to Vijaywada for 6 months
Maharashtra to Andhra Pradesh  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
Hawkins requires 120 vehicles from Bhiwandi to Hoshiarpur for 6 months
Maharashtra to Punjab  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
Hawkins requires 120 vehicles from Bhiwandi to Jaunpur for 6 months
Maharashtra to Uttar Pradesh  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
DEMO AUCTIONs for Pidilite -10.30 to 6 pm.-30/01/2017
Maharashtra to Gujarat  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
DEMO AUCTIONs for Pidilite -10.30 to 1 pm.-30/01/2017
Maharashtra to Gujarat  |  Closed  |  0 trucks awarded
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