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3 to 6 pm : Dehradun to West Bengal: Require 5 vehicles 28ft Taurus 28MT full body
From: Dehradund, Dehradund, Uttarakhand To: Ariadaha, 24 Parganas, West Bengal
Company Name: TakeShip
Load Details (Closed) Auction #7866
Starts on: 18 Jun 2020
Ends on: 18 Jun 2020
Consignment weight: 28
No. of Consignment:   5
Load type:   Full Load
Pickup date:  20 Jun 2020
Advanced Details
Contract starts on: 20 Jun 2020 Contract ends on: 20 Jun 2020 Job Type: One Time
Truck Length: N/A Truck Tonnage: 28 Truck Type: Other
Expected Transit Days: 0 Loading: Shipper Unloading: Shipper
Is pickup date flexible?: Yes Loading Amount: N/A Unloading Amount: N/A
Payment Terms:
30 days post submission of bill.
Other Terms And Conditions:
1) GPS tracking
2) Insurance by client
3) loading and unloading by client.
Description of Load
Please find other details below. • Cargo: Cables ( wooden drums) • Qty: 28 MT per vehicle ( Full Body) Please note : Takemyshipment charges 2000 rs per truck payable after the business is confirmed from shipper.
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