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10.30 to 1 pm : Ahmedabad (Matoda) to Ambala : Require 16t truck - 8 in a year
From: MATODA-, MATODA, Gujarat To: Ambala City, Ambala, Haryana
Company Name: TakeShip
Load Details (Closed) Auction #4981
Starts on: 17 Apr 2019
Ends on: 17 Apr 2019
Consignment weight: 16
No. of Consignment:   8
Load type:   Full Load
Pickup date:  17 Apr 2019
Advanced Details
Contract starts on: 17 Apr 2019 Contract ends on: 21 Apr 2019 Job Type: One Time
Truck Length: N/A Truck Tonnage: 16 Truck Type: Open Punjab Body Truck- 16 MT Cap- 22 Feet Length
Expected Transit Days: 4 Loading: Shipper Unloading: Transporter
Is pickup date flexible?: Yes Loading Amount: N/A Unloading Amount: Rs. 2
Payment Terms:
45 days after submission of Bill. Rs.700 per day will be recovered from transporter in case of delay beyond 24 hours. No extra freight will be paid for extra weight in full truck load up to 0.2M
Other Terms And Conditions:
1) Loading and unloading will be paid at actuals.
2) Material need to be covered by Tarpoline.
3) Detention Charges for 5T rs.500, for 7.5-rs.700, for 9t & 15t Rs.1000 ,if truck is detained for more than 24 hrs.
4) Penalty Clause I - For Aggregate Service Performance Failure which is less than 95% for On Time Delivery,will result in penalty of Rs.1500 per day after expected delivery date calculated .
5) Penalty Clause II - If vehicle not places within 24 hours, then market vehicle will be pl
Description of Load
1) Pharma Medicines in corrugated boxes of different Sizes. 2) Do not include loading & unloading, it will get paid at actuals as per charges mentioned in the RFQ. 3) If diesel cost increased/decreased by more than Rs.2 than base rate, then management may consider for revision of rates. 4) Detention Charges : Will be paid only if it exceeds 12hours. 5) Rs.2000, will be paid in case of 2 point delivery. 6) Penalty Clause I - For Aggregate Service Performance Failure which is less than 95% for On
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