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TakeMyShipment.com is promoted by senior IIT and IIM professionals who have over 100 years of combined work experience between themselves and have greyed their hair managing logistics operations of big corporates and understand what it takes to make life easy for both Shippers and Transporters.

How do we help Shippers?

Logistics managers are a hassled lot. There is constant pressure on them to cut transportation costs while improving the service levels. Finalising transporters is a time consuming process as it means collecting quotations from many and then to negotiate independently with each of them. And there is always a challenge by senior management to keep introducing new transporters in the hope of cutting cost and getting better service. In reality, due to time pressure, a logistics manager may end up selecting from the transporters they already work with. Obviously, the results may be sub optimal.

We asked ourselves, why a Shipper cannot get access to a large number of high quality transporters online, get the best rates through competition and complete the whole process of selecting best transporters in a few days as against many weeks?

What about Transporters?

Well they are always wondering why they cannot increase their business fast enough with their current customers and add new ones. Their constant worry is how to convey to Shippers that their prices are competitive and they can offer better service than their existing set of Transporters..

We asked ourselves, why a relatively unknown Transporter cannot bid for a new or existing Shipper’s business, get credit for providing good service and grow their business faster than ever possible.

Well, this is when idea of takemyshipment.com was born.

TakeMyShipment.com provides an online platform to both Shippers and Transporters, through which a Shipper is able to get the best prices from a large number of Transporters competing for his business and finalise a set of Transporters taking into account their service ratings from their customers. The platform enables this to be done transparently and in a matter of few days or hours. Both Shippers and Transporters can register on the platform for free and start transacting with each other transparently.

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